How Digi Tech for Languages Works

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You will be presented with a number of statements of practice describing the effective (E) and highly effective (HE) use of digital tools in the languages classroom by students and teachers from the ‘Teaching and Learning’ dimension of the Digital Learning Framework. These fall under four domains:

Domain 1: Language learner outcomes
Domain 2: Language learner experiences
Domain 3: Teachers’ individual practice
Domain 4: Teachers’ collective practice

You are invited to assess your current practice on a scale of 1-5:

I don’t do this yet (1) I have started doing this (2) I do this frequently (3) I lead others in doing this (4) I develop new approaches (5)

Some terms are further defined to assist in the completion of your assessment.  These terms are coloured purple on a light grey background. Hovering over a term will produce a definition and explanation.

On any given statement, should your response be ‘I lead others in doing this,’ or ‘I develop new approaches,’ then a statement of highly effective practice will open. You are also invited to rate your practice here.

Having assessed your practice, you will be presented with your Spikey Profile. This is a visual representation of your practice based on the scale. You will also be presented with suggested targeted supports based on your needs.

You may save or print your self-assessment as a PDF file for your convenience to enable you to refer back to it whenever you choose. You may also re-take the self-assessment at any time to monitor your improvement.


Suggest a resource or tool

If you use a particular digital tool or technology in your languages classroom, that has had a positive impact on student learning and outcomes, we want to hear from you. Please click the ‘suggest resource’ button here to email us.